第42回 毒のある文体を楽しむ


(Joseph E. Stiglitz)


今月の1冊目は、Joseph E. Stiglitzの「Freefall」。ノーベル賞を受賞した経済学者であるスティグリッツによる、2008年のいわゆるリーマン・ショックに関する分析書です。強欲経済主義(新自由経済主義ともいいますが)がなぜ破綻したのか、そしてこれからの資本主義社会はどうあるべきなのかについて書かれた本ですが、数式などはでてこないので、普通の読み物として読むことができます。恐慌に関する研究書としては、ガルブレイスの「The Great Crash 1929」が必読ですが、一流の学者の書くものはやはり面白いと思います。既に翻訳も出ていますが、英訳の仕事をする人には、いろいろな語彙や表現を学ぶという意味でも勉強になります。書き出しはこんな感じ。

The only surprise about the economic crisis of 2008 was that it came as a surprise to so many. For a few observers, it was a textbook case that was not only predictable but also predicted. A deregulated market awash in liquidity and low interest rates, a global real estate bubble, and skyrocketing subprime lending were a toxic combination. Add in the U.S. fiscal and trade deficit and the corresponding accumulation in China of huge reserves of dollars — an unbalanced global economy — and it was clear that things were horribly awry.



『The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove』
(Christopher Moore)

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove

今月の2冊目は、Christopher Mooreの「The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove」。こちらは表現のしようもないユーモラスな小説です。たとえば次の文章を読んでみてください。

Mavis first began augmenting her parts in the fifties, first out of vanity: breasts, eyelashes, hair. Later, as she aged and the concept of maintenance eluded her, she began having parts replaced as they failed, until almost half of her body weight was composed of stainless steel (hips, elbows, shoulders, finger joints, rods fused to vertebrae five through twelve), silicon wafers (hearing aids, pacemaker, insulin pump), advanced polymer resins (cataract replacement lenses, dentures), Kevlar fabric (abdominal wall reinforcement), titanium (knees, ankles), and pork (ventricular heart valve).

これはネットからがめてきたものですが、この発想が素敵すぎる。特に最後のporkが好き。はまったらたぶん抜け出せないという意味では、Dave Barryに通じるかな。書き出しはこんな感じ。

September in Pine Cove is a sigh of relief, a nightcap, a long-deserved nap. Soft autumn light filters through the trees, the tourists go back to Los Angeles and San Francisco, and Pine Cove’s five thousand residents wake up to discover that they can once again find a parking place, get a table in a restaurant, and walk the beaches without being conked by an errant Frisbee.

September is a promise. Rain will come at last and turn the golden pastures around Pine Cove green, the tall Monterey pines that cover the hills will stop dropping their needles, the forest of Big Sur will stop burning, the grim smile developed over the summer by the waitresses and clerks will bloom into something resembling real human expression, children will return to school and the joy of old friends, drugs, and weapons that they missed over the summer, and everyone, at last, will get some rest.



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