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『Capital in the Twenty-First Century』
(Thomas Piketty 著)

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

これを前振りに今月の1冊目。まだ読了していませんが、いま(ひょっとしたらここ数十年で)最も重要な書籍が、Thomas Pikettyの「Capital in the Twenty-First Century」です。米国では大論争を巻き起こしており、日本でも一部で話題になっていますが、経済評論家の岩本沙弓と、思想史家の堀茂樹の両氏が、きちんとその内容を伝えようと活動しています。大部ですし、内容も簡単ではないですが、全人類(ちょっと大げさ)必読の書。 単なる資本主義批判とかマルクス主義だとかいうピント外れの批判も多いんですが、要は資本主義は認めた上で、それを上手に舵取りして行くにはどうしたらいいかという本です。必死に読んでください。翻訳は2017年まで出ないようですので。新自由主義に対する一つの回答です。

To regulate the globalized patrimonial capitalism of the twenty-first century, rethinking the twentieth-century fiscal and social model and adapting it to today’s world will not be enough. To be sure, appropriate updating of the last century’s social-democratic and fiscal-liberal program is essential, as I tried to show in the previous two chapters, which focused on two fundamental institutions that were invented in the twentieth century and must continue to play a central role in the future: the social state and the progressive income tax. But if democracy is to regain control over the globalized financial capitalism of this century, it must also invent new tools, adapted to today’s challenges. The ideal tool would be a progressive global tax on capital, coupled with a very high level of international financial transparency. Such a tax would provide a way to avoid an endless inegalitarian spiral and to control the worrisome dynamics of global capital concentration. Whatever tools and regulations are actually decided on need to be measured against this ideal. I will begin by analyzing practical aspects of such a tax and then proceed to more general reflections about the regulation of capitalism from the prohibition of usury to Chinese capital controls.



『Think like a Freak』
(Steven D. Levitt&Stephen J. Dubner)

Think like a Freak

今月の2冊目は、「ヤバい経済学」や「超ヤバい経済学」の著者、Steven D. LevittとStephen J. Dubnerの新作「Think like a Freak」です。既にベストセラーになっているようですが、(まだ)翻訳が出ていないのでいまのうちにご紹介。これは問題解決の方法についての新しい見方を提示する本です。(freakを称していますが、僕には結構常識的なアプローチのように思えるのです。それは僕がひねくれてるから?)フリークのように考える方法は、たとえば次のようなステップがあるそうです。

* First, put away your moral compass―because it’s hard to see a problem clearly if you’ve already decided what to do about it.
* Learn to say “I don’t know”―for until you can admit what you don’t yet know, it’s virtually impossible to learn what you need to.
* Think like a child―because you’ll come up with better ideas and ask better questions.
* Take a master class in incentives―because for better or worse, incentives rule our world.
* Learn to persuade people who don’t want to be persuaded―because being right is rarely enough to carry the day.
* Learn to appreciate the upside of quitting―because you can’t solve tomorrow’s problem if you aren’t willing to abandon today’s dud.


All these years later, the words still resonate: “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty.”

The speaker was British prime minister Winston Churchill; he was delivering remarks at Harrow, the boarding school of his youth. But this wasn’t the standard pep talk given by men like him to boys like those, urging them to stick to their studies. The date was October 29, 1941, deep in the heart of World War II.

Hitler’s army had been gobbling up huge swaths of Europe and beyond. Britain was its only formidable opponent — the U.S. had not yet been drawn into the war — and, accordingly, had paid the price. German warplanes had bombed Britain nonstop for months, killing tens of thousands of civilians. A German land invasion was said to be in the works.



『Complex 90』
(Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins)

Complex 90

でもって今月の3冊目。Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collinsの「Complex 90」。ミッキー・スピレインといえば、「裁くのは俺だ」で知られるマイク・ハマー・シリーズを書いたハードボイルドの人気作家。セクシャルでサディスティックな内容で知られる通俗作家ですが、アメリカでは人気がありました。(イギリスのジェイムズ・ハドリー・チェイスも。)そのスピレインが生前に残したプロットを元に、コリンズが完成させたのが本作です。

The older of the pair of armed M.P.s flanking me opened the door and stood there, waiting. Did they think I was going to tory some-thing, here in the heart of the Pentagon? Or was that the bowels?

I grinned at them, as if to say, Not a chance, fellas. Not without my .45 anyway.

Behind me, the general and his aide muttered something back and forth and then I felt the palm of a hand against my back — the general’s hand, which make it an order, not a shove.


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